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David Breunig

Director of Organizational Development
Texas Nationalist Movement

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David Breunig is the Director of Organizational Development for the Texas Nationalist Movement.

David Breunig was born and raised in Riverside, California, where he initially planned to spend his entire life. About a decade ago, he began volunteering for the National Rifle Association’s Inland Empire Member’s Council in Riverside, a group similar in structure to the Texas Nationalist Movement’s (TNM) local groups. During his tenure, he rose to the position of Vice President and even acted as President for several months.

David became increasingly concerned about the erosion of 2nd Amendment rights at the federal level, particularly in California. Laws like Red Flag Laws, Handgun Rosters, and Magazine Bans deeply troubled him, as they infringed upon constitutional rights without the consent of the people.

Retiring in 2021, David and his wife sought a state that respected their financial needs and constitutional rights. They chose Texas largely because they saw it as the state most likely to secede if the U.S. continued its drift toward socialism and communism. Upon arriving in Texas, David was pleased to find the TNM and its TEXIT movement in full swing. Despite being new to the area, he became a Certified Petition Circulator in September 2021 and collected over 100 petition signatures by December.

David applied for and was offered a National Leadership position in the TNM. He currently serves as the Director of Organizational Development and continues to run the Bullard Local Group, making significant contributions to the movement for Texas independence.

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