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David Thomas Roberts

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David Roberts is a publisher, author, and serial entrepreneur who serves as the Business Advisor on the TNM's Advisory Board.

David Thomas Roberts, a.k.a. “The Renegade Capitalist,” has been an entrepreneur his entire adult life and is a self-made multi-millionaire.  Despite dropping out of college, Roberts fits the description of a modern-day Renaissance Man. Roberts is an entrepreneur, inventor, political columnist, bestselling author, and rancher with successful business ventures in logistics, distribution, telecom, software, education, publishing, and ranching.  Roberts’s ventures have been responsible for major disruptions to the status quo in virtually all industries he has ventured.

A staunch Free Enterprise disciple, Roberts champions start-ups and small businesses as the economic engine that truly powers the American economy.  Unconventional, bold, innovative, and brash best describe the features of his business philosophy… and life.

Roberts is also a political activist who is a strict Constitutionalist who fights for small government, fiscal sanity and the God-given right of individual self-determination.  

Roberts raises and breeds registered Texas Longhorns on his 600-acre Texas ranch and is an avid pro-Texas-first disciple, and is a fervent student of Texas history. 

Roberts lives in Montgomery, Texas, with his wife of nearly forty years and has four adult children and six grandchildren.  

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