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Kyle Biedermann is the former State Representative for House District 73. He is a staunch advocate for Texas First policies and author of the Texas Independence Referendum Act. He currently serves as the Legislative Advisor for the TNM's Advisory Board.

Former State Representative Kyle Biedermann is an advocate for the sovereignty of Texas and currently serves as the Legislative Advisor for the TNM. During his time as a Representative, Biedermann authored and passed several pieces of legislation that focused on issues such as election integrity, protecting the Second Amendment, and supporting law enforcement.

He has been a vocal advocate for letting the people of Texas vote on Texas independence and was instrumental in introducing the Texas Independence Referendum Act during the 2021 legislative session. Biedermann has also strongly supported the TNM’s efforts to educate Texans on the benefits of independence and the need to address issues such as border security, property rights, and the preservation of the unique culture of Texas.

Biedermann’s passion for public service and his commitment to the people of Texas make him a valuable asset to the TNM. As a legislative advisor, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the organization’s efforts to advance the cause of Texas independence.

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