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Weston Martinez is a dedicated conservative leader from San Antonio, Texas, known for his extensive experience in business, politics, and advocacy, and his unwavering commitment to pro-Texas values.

A stalwart conservative from San Antonio, Texas, Weston brings a wealth of experience in business, politics, and advocacy. His deep-rooted Texan values and extensive background make him an invaluable asset to our panel.

Weston’s journey is a testament to the spirit of the Lone Star State. Alongside his wife of 23 years, he has raised five children, instilling in them the significance of family values. His professional career spans the Telecom and Oil & Gas industries, where he has excelled as a businessman and arbitrator, adeptly handling complex disputes.

From 2010 to 2017, Weston distinguished himself as the Texas Real Estate Commissioner, leaving a lasting impact on the state’s real estate sector. His expertise extends to political media analysis, where he is a vocal proponent of core conservative principles, including the sanctity of life, the right to bear arms, family values, support for Israel, and an unwavering commitment to Texas.

Weston’s legislative contributions are notable. He authored a pivotal voter fraud bill, elevating voting fraud to a felony, thus fortifying Texas’s electoral integrity. His advocacy efforts also led to legislation making human trafficking a capital offense, reflecting his commitment to the safety and well-being of Texans.

A fervent defender of Texas history and heritage, Weston played a key role in safeguarding the Alamo from potential threats, ensuring its storied legacy remains intact for future generations. His collaboration with Project Veritas brought national attention to voter fraud issues, showcasing his dedication to justice. Additionally, Weston has represented clients involved in the January 6 events, further highlighting his commitment to his principles.

Endorsed by notable figures such as Roger Stone, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mike Huckabee, Sid Miller, and Jeremy Storey, Weston Martinez’s leadership and advocacy have garnered widespread recognition.

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